Rent a Dependable Air Compressor or Generator

Rent a Dependable Air Compressor or Generator

Our shop offers generator rental services in Amarillo and Odessa, TX

Need help choosing the right generator or air compressor for your business? Give us a call. Air Compressor Solutions offers air compressor, light tower and generator rental services in and around Odessa and Amarillo, TX. Whether you need a portable air compressor to power tools at your construction site or a portable generator to light up your outdoor wedding, we've got you covered.

Contact us right away to arrange for generator, light tower or air compressor rental services.

Rely on top-of-the-line rental equipment

Turn to Air Compressor Solutions for generator, air hose and air compressor rental services in the Amarillo and Odessa, TX areas. Our rental equipment inventory includes:

  • Portable natural gas and diesel generators
  • Portable and reciprocating air compressors
  • Rotary screw air compressors
  • Portable light towers
  • Air hoses

Our portable air compressors range from 185 cfm to 1,600 cfm, and 100 to 200 psi units.

P185100 PSI
P250100 PSI
XP200125 PSI
XP375125 PSI
XP375 W/IQ125 PSI
HP375/P425150/100 PSI
VHP400200 PSI
HP450150 PSI
VHP400/HP450 200/150 PSI
XP750125 PSI
XP825 125 PSI
VP900E W/IQ150 PSI
HP915150 PSI
XP1000125 PSI
XP1000 W/IQ125 PSI
XHP750350 PSI
XHP1000250/365 PSI
XHP1070350 PSI
XHP1170350 PSI
HP1600150 PSI
HP1600 W/IQ150 PSI

G2525 kva20 kw
G5050 kva31 kw
G7070 kva38 kw
G80/85/9080-90 kva56 kw
G125125 kva100 kw
G145144kva115 kw
G190181 kva145 kw
G240236 kva188 kw
G290290 kva232 kw
G400400 kva
G450456 kva4320kw