Rotary Screw Compressors

UP6 5 to 15C: (Download PDF)

large compressorBoosting your company's profits was the main goal that Ingersoll Rand had in mind when designing our revolutionary line of integrated rotary screw air solutions.

So how can a compressed air system help you increase profitability? The answer is really pretty simple: by ensuring that you achieve the highest productivity in your shop while reducing the total costs of ownership to the
absolute lowest levels.

UP6 15 to 50 (Download PDF)

To provide maximum performance, efficiency and ease of service, the airend, interconnecting piping and separation system have all been
integrated into one simple design. Integration of the high-efficiency compression module eliminates leaks and pressure losses to increase
efficiency and performance. Service and maintenance are made extremely
simple through spin-on filtration and separator cartridges.



R37-160 (Download PDF)

rotary largeSuperior Design, Superior Life

  • Optimized cooler performance reduces thermal stress, energy consumption and downstream
    dryer requirements
  • Leak-free elastomeric seals, stainless steel pipes and long-life metal-flex hoses provide reliable
    and repeatable internal connections
  • Intelligent controls that both monitor and adapt key operating parameters to prevent unexpected

Oil Free Compressor (Download PDF)

One of the keys to ensuring you achieve and maintain acceptable air quality for your critical application is to know
industry air quality standards and their allowable levels of contaminants. The lower the particular class rating, the purer the air should be.

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